"I have been fascinated with exploring the world to tell stories since I first dropped out of university, aged 19. my lecturers informed me my text books in international politics were irrelevant since the Berlin Wall had recently come down.

I decided to go see for myself.

I travelled through Eastern Europe, up through the then Baltic States into Russia, across to Siberia and on to China. I was alone except for a camera and a wad of American dollars scrunched nervously in my hand.

And so, over the years, a similar pattern emerged.

I would bunker down to a “responsible” job and lifestyle until, out of nowhere, the urge to go witness for myself would descend. I would inevitable find myself throwing in my current job and sitting in an airport again with my camera in a backpack and local currency – now safely locked away in a money belt. And with it, was that wonderful feeling of freedom and excitement like I used to feel at the beginning of school holidays as a child.

I would go and explore. Then, I would quietly come home, pick up that appropriate life once again and attempt to knuckle down.

have worked as a newspaper journalist, corporate marketing executive and finally, a university lecturer.

Along the way, I chalked up a Phd (photojournalism), Masters (documentary photography), Bachelors (international politics & journalism) and even a graduate diploma in teaching. All the time ducking out to work on my international photojournalism projects in some challenging spots across the globe.

Then, I decided to take a mid life gap year. No paid work and no formal photojournalism projects.

My partner and I bought a 90-year-old derelict farm house near the Byron Bay Hinterland in Australia. It was nestled on 150 acres of equally derelict farmland. As I scrubbed, painted, mended fences, faced off with snakes, toads and other disgusting things, I tried to work out what I was going to do when I grew up.

I decided not to.

I have surrendered to my passion.

Today, I spend my time telling stories of people I meet and places I visit through my photography and writing. Both out there in the world and closer to home on my Byron Bay Hinterland Farm.

I would love to hear your story..."

Louise Grayson


 © 2020 All photograghs appearing on this website are copyright of Louise Grayson

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